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2 days ago

The following is from Dr Jason Lisle's response to Howe's objection in a written debate they had in 2013 . Ontology is the study of the nature of something, It addresses what kinds of things exist.
Sep 22

Adapted from Van Til Diagrammed . Hume said that all knowledge arises from experience.  Kant replied that we should also accept that which is necessary for the possibility of experience, even though i
Sep 16

Knowledge is usually defined as Justified True Belief (JTB). In our article on revelational epistemology , we actually defined it as such: A truth claim is a proposition or statement that a particula
Oct 28

I think, therefore, I am Does this mean that atheists can at the very least know that they exist without presupposing the God of Scripture? No. Consider, that Descartes is actually begging the questi
Sep 17

One's negation of God depends on the fact that God exists , has created and sustains all that is, including the predication of his supposed non-existence. This is the point of Van Til's illustration o
Sep 11

Some links that may be helpful in understanding presuppositional apologetics -- Michael Butler's short introduction to Presup: http://butler-harris.org/archives/158 Butler on Revelational Epistemolog
Sep 30

Objections handled in the comments. The following video serves as a good introduction to the uniformity of nature. The author ironically mocks the only worldview that can solve the problem whilst expl
Sep 17

In October 2013 there was an event where Drs. Oliphint, Lisle and Howe discussed Apologetics Methodology. Before their live discussion, they actually engaged in a written debate on the subject. For t