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Oct 25

Jesus' Mission




A protector comes to Zion, to those in Jacob who repent of their rebellious deeds,” says the Lord

Isaiah 59:20


This passage is applied by the apostle Paul to the Messiah Romans 11:26.


Under his rule Judah will enjoy safety and Jerusalem will live in security. At that time Jerusalem will be called “The Lord has provided us with justice.

Jeremiah 33:16

For the music director; a psalm of David. O Lord, the king rejoices in the strength you give; he takes great delight in the deliverance you provide.

Psalm 21:1


Though by the king here we may understand King David, who composed this Psalm, yet it may be much better explained of the King Messiah; understood of whom, the words the strength you give mean the divine power, which was manifested in the resurrection of Christ, and in the establishment of his gospel.


The Geneva Bible notes that: When he (the King) will overcome his enemies, and so be assured of his calling.

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